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Submission Deadline:

 August 13th, 2021. 12AM GMT

A veteran translator? A newbie who loves to translate? YaoiCat invites everyone to show off their best translations skills in our first translator competition! 


How to Enter
  • Pick one of the titles available below

  • Translate the 5 pages sample to one of the languages available
    (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese) 

  • Submit a text file with your translation

Winners will be announced on:

August 27th, 2021


100 USD

+  3 months subscription on YaoiCat


  3 months subscription on YaoiCat


  1 month 


on YaoiCat

Translation Materials

Available languages


Available languages


Supported by Medibang

  • Participants may be of any age, nationality or proficiency. 

  • All submissions must be original and created by the contestant. 

  • You may submit multiple entries (both for the same language or different languages) 

  • Submissions may be created under a group of people, but must be submitted as one entry. The prize will be given to the contact person who submitted the entry and the YaoiCat subscriptions will be given to a single registered user on YaoiCat.

  • Participants might be offered different opportunities to work on official releases. 

  • By participating you agree to these rules and all terms an services in YaoiCat's homepage. 

  • Judging of entries will be performed by YaoiCat's judge panel and will include a Judge fluent in every language (English,  German, Portuguese, Spanish) 

  • Registration and payment method will be needed to activate a subscription prize on YaoiCat. During the prize duration, no payments will be made to the entered payment method. The subscription may be cancelled at any time by the user. 

  • How do I submit my entry?
    Click 'Submit', attach the file to your email and  write a short introduction so we know how to address you. 

  • What kind of file should I attach as my entry?
    Any kind of text file (.txt, .doc, rtf etc...) 

  • How will you judge 4 different languages?
    Our team works with multilingual translators from all over the globe, each language submission will be judged by the appropriate judge. 

  • How many pages should I translate?
    Our samples provided by our partners are 5 pages long. An eligible entry should include all pages in the sample given. 

  • Can I translate each title into all 4 offered languages?
    Please note that each title can only be translated into two different languages. you may only translate accordingly. Entries that ignore these guides will be disqualified. 

  • How detailed should my translation be?
    Please translate all text and SFXs on the samples. Points will be reduced for missing text. 

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